Hey, I'm Américo Júnior 👋

A young African passionate about technology and information security. He started studying programming and hacking at the age of 14 and today I work as an ethical hacker helping to make the internet a safe place.

Me speaking on stage at React Summit about the future of Next.js
Me, Lydia, and Delba filming the Next.js Conf keynote
Me standing on stage at Reactathon delivering the keynote
Me and Guillermo Rauch on stage for Vercel Ship, answering questions from the Next.js community
My badge on top of a pile of badges from a Vercel meetup we held

I have experience in software engineering, application and smart contract security testing, bug hunting, web application development and also development of decentralized applications (DApps) on the web3.

My mission is to promote a safer, free and democratic internet, through digital freedom, decentralization and self-sovereignty. I seek to share the knowledge I have been acquiring, taking it to all corners of the world, from the highest classes to the lowest classes, in order to provide digital freedom and ensure that everyone can access and share information without restrictions or violations of privacy.


Graduating in computer engineering and telecommunications in ISUTC.

My Skills

Discover the skills I have acquired during years of study and experience:

  • Web application security testing
  • Smart contract auditing
  • Blockchain/smart contract development with Solidity and Brownie/Hardhat
  • HTML - CSS - JS
  • CSS Frameworks (Bootstrap and Tailwind)
  • Javascript (Design Patterns)
  • TypeScript
  • Fullstack development with Node.js and React.js
  • Scripting and security tools development with python
  • Lightweight web applications development with Flask
  • Database managment with MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL
  • Project managment
  • Git and Github
  • Scrum and XP